History and Projects

We are an engineering, manufacturing and construction company acquired by the ALUAR-FATE Group in 2002, located in the Heavy Industrial Park of Puerto Madryn, in constant growth since its foundation.


In our first stage we provided engineering, manufacturing and works services to Group companies, mainly Aluar Primary Aluminum for its 2nd Expansion project (from 2005 to 2013) and industrial services.


Starting in 2008, we offered our services to other clients and markets focused on mining projects in the province of Santa Cruz, consolidating our presence in most of the significant projects in the region.


In 2011 we began to provide engineering services to FATE (a tire production company of the business group) together with the opening of an office in the San Fernando City.


It was the beginning of our participation in the Oil and Gas market, after reaching the ASME stamp in the Manufacturing Workshop and the offer of our Works services. We are also incorporated in the Energy category: engineering, manufacturing, assembly for thermal and renewable energy projects.

2017 – Present

From 2017 to the present, we developed the management and participation in the construction of the civil and electrical works of the Aluar Wind Farm (Parque Eólico Aluar), located in Puerto Madryn. We continue to offer fabrications and works to the Oil & Gas, Mining and Energy markets.

Project History

We are located on a 7-hectare property in the Puerto Madryn Heavy Industrial Park, on the A010 National Route. We have 7 production warehouses, a fleet of vehicles and our own mobile equipment, a central warehouse and storage areas. The evolution from our creation to the present is built from these main milestones:


Construction of 2 new Workshop, Warehouse and Engineering offices.


Opening of a Commercial and Engineering office in San Fernando, province of Buenos Aires.


Expansion of the Plant area and construction of a Painting and Prefabricated warehouse.


Expansion of Warehouses / flammable area.


Start-up of the Liquid Effluent Treatment Plant.


Business group founded in 1940, in continuous growth, made up of:


Aluminum producer with its plants located in Puerto Madryn (province of Chubut) of primary aluminum, Preforms and Wind Farm, and Manufactured Plant in Abasto (province of Buenos Aires).


Producer of tires for cars and trucks located in San Fernando (Buenos Aires Province)


Dam located on the Río Grande (Futaleufú) within Los Alerces National Park, northwest of the province of Chubut, near the cities of Esquel and Trevelin.


Engineering, manufacturing, works and industrial services located in Puerto Madryn (Province of Chubut)

With the aim of advancing in a changing context and adapting to the demands of different clients, evolution has become an essential condition for the permanence of companies in the different markets of interest. We invest in business sustainability and for this reason we decided to develop the resources that allow us to solve the different problems and satisfy the integral needs of our clients, focusing our efforts on technological development, training of our human resources and required equipment. In this context of globalized economy, the ALUAR - FATE group focuses its strategy on constant evolution, preserving its essence as an Argentine company.