We are committed to sustaining our presence in the market based on planning, evolution and continuous improvement, integrated management and transparency in management.

Business Diversity

We were born as a service company, we evolved towards the mining, O&G and Energy markets, providing comprehensive solutions and equipment manufacturing. Our latest milestone is our participation in renewable energies

Integrated Management System (SGI)

One of the pillars of our evolution is continuous improvement, supported by a management system that commits each member of the company.

Energy Efficiency

From design and construction we accompany the companies of the group in compliance with ISO 50001 regulations.

Integrity Policies – Code of Principles

The organization is governed by policies that ensure the following:

  • Integrity and transparency of our businesses
  • Application of regulations and principles, policies of care for the environment, occupational safety and hygiene
  • Fair and equitable treatment of our staff, respecting diversity and equal opportunities