We manufacture structure, piping, containers and equipment packaged on skids. We work in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and aluminum under the regulations required by our customers.


Pressure Vessel Manufacturers – lungs, separators, fractionating towers, etc. –  and assembly of internals, indirect heaters, heat exchangers, filters, API tanks, silos, thickeners, manifolds -collectors and satellites-, rotary kilns, pools. All of them equipped with surface protection, insulation and identification.

Packaging options

Skid manufacturing, assembly of containers and their respective internals, rotating equipment, piping and connection accessories, valves and instruments, electrical and instrument connections, dashboards and control and communication equipment. We offer Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up Assistance. On-site assembly.


Prefabricated pipe spools in different thicknesses and diameters, surface protection, insulation and identification.


Structure for full-core sheds, casings and superstructures for tanks, skids for packaged equipment, piping racks, support structures for equipment, belt conveyor or trellises, among the main ones. All of them equipped with surface protection and fireproof.